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Top 10 Resources
Top 10: Perspective
By Char Milbrett
November, 2007, 10:59

Perspective is an important tool in writing. How you perceive something can change your story, and sometimes create a different image than what you intended to convey.

It was H.L. Mencken who said that there are no dull subjects, only dull writers. In the highly competitive screenwriting industry, it's imperative that each writer have every resource available to them to keep them at the top of their craft. Many times, a potentially lucrative screenwriting project gets passed over because the writer did not take the time to do the legwork necessary to make their art form the best it could possibly be.

To support your writing perspective, here are the top 10 resources on screenplay and scripts:
Emotional Toolbox
Finding Inspiration.
Script Fly: Screenplays, Movie Scripts, and Script Writing
Thousands of scripts to read and choose from.
A Hollywood Script Consultant
Sell your screenplay. They'll teach you how at this website.
Screenwriting: Screenplay, How To Write, Screenplays, Screenwriters, Movie Writing
Articles to read on various related subjects.
The Playwriting Seminars
Education on content, film, structure, and such like.
Southwest Scriptwriters
Development and promotion of new drama writers.

Done Deal Pro
The business and craft of screenwriting.
E-script: The Internet Scriptwriting Workshop
Good information for scriptwriting.
Break into Screenwriting
Tips and tools for screenwriting.
So You Wanna Be a Sitcom Writer?
Your opportunity to write a sitcom. Icon

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