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INside Scoop
By Julie A. Pierce
September, 2007, 16:40

The middle of August through the middle of September has been a rough ride for me and my family. A saint and pillar of strength within our tribe was hit by an unexpected and deadly heart attack. The period immediately following the attack was spent with bedside vigilance in a Phoenix-area ICU. My grandmother lay there attached to tubes and monitors; my family gathered, cried, comforted each other, and tried to make sense of what had happened.

After all, this woman had survived a sixty-year marriage with my grandfather one spectacularly impressive life-time achievement. And she had just passed a gamut of heart fitness tests with very reassuring results. Yes, she had her physical challenges with diabetes and bouts of colitis, but overall this woman was rock solid.

While being a model of strength, Grandma was also an oasis of warmth and love. Her beautiful deep and glowing eyes held the flicker of a smile and a cheeky secret. Her fortified hugs sent the clear message of, "I love you no matter what, and I'll never let you go." Her family meant the world to her, but we were not always there for her. She loved us anyway and let us know it.

It was determined that she would not recover from this blow, and the next week she was moved to the Hospice of the Valley where they cared for her and made her comfortable till she passed. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to say goodbye and be with her and family in the end moments. This is the most satisfying comfort during this time.

Thank you to all who have written to share your sympathy and caring for me and my family. I wish for you the opportunity to value your loved ones and find comfort in drawing your family and friends near.

Though I continue to grieve, the show must go on, and so I present to you IN's latest compilation of entertainment and education. Irish journalist and novelist Rose Doyle graces our cover and shares her insights in our cover interview. INside Authors presents prolific and broad-ranging writers Sam Smith and Peter Tomlinson.

Anne Allen helps us consider getting published sans agent, which dovetails nicely with the investigation into print-on-demand provided by Jim Curtiss. Peggy Bechko reminds us that etiquette is a tool to success, while Ken Robinson encourages us to refill our well with down time.

Do you use the library just for reading? Helen Dunn Frame describes it as a marketing resource. Bev Walton-Porter examines the seven virtues and how they are important to writers, while Robert Fripp delves into delusional journalism.

Need a laugh or a laugh at yourself? Chris Chapman is back with reflections on creating fiction. J. R. Kambak takes a hard look at the Hollywood profit machine, and Stan Grimes gives us points to consider when our poetry is not getting published.

Are you in a slump? Char Milbrett has ten resources to give you a kick-start, and Joan Neubauer's Nuggets of wisdom will move you on to the right track with self-promotion.

This month, Anthony Ackerley brings you books on TV soap writing, creating heroes and heroines, and generating direct and effective business pieces. Lori Myers takes us to the next phase of squeezing creative opportunities out of vacation time in Part II of her series.

A.  B. Curtiss has a bit of rant with a positive spin on book reviewers gassing off at, and Mark London honours the passing of the legendary Madeleine L'Engle. Mark also examines the reasons behind our drive to create, and Rowdy Rhodes brings us news of the Scotiabank Giller Prize.

It's all there waiting for you. Enjoy!
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Julie A. Pierce
Managing Editor
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