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Top 10 Resources
Top 10: Moth Mentality
By Char Milbrett
August, 2007, 10:40

You know the advice, "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it was meant to be loved by you." Love is compared to a butterfly. I was just thinking about how I must compare to a moth. I am attracted to bright things. I scare most people.
My daughter and I were returning home from scouring neighbourhood garage sales one day, and as we proceeded to get out of the car, a large moth came flying past, and of course, it managed to come in the one open door and zoom around inside the car.
I managed to maintain my composure for all of three seconds (maybe it wasn't even that long . . .) then I started screaming. The worst thing was, we were at one of the garage sales, and people were walking past my car as I was losing my mind.

Love is like a butterfly. If you love something, set it free, if it returns to you, it was meant to be loved by you.
Now, I don't know if I would appreciate being set free and having to flitter back. What happens if I don't happen to think like a butterfly. What happens if my mentality is like a moth around a light bulb? Moths aren't very smart. Are they? They bang around that bulb, and finally, after all the powder is smooshed off their wings, they fall into a clump on the floor, below the irresistible light source.
Almost makes you feel sorry for that darn moth, doesn't it? Oh, well.

In light of the romantic notions conjured here, I give you the top 10 resources for romance writing:
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Renee's Rambling Writing Tips
Advice on how to get yourself in the writing mood.
WFNS: FAQ: Romance Writing
General answers to your frequently asked questions about writing romance.
Jennifer Blake, Romance Novelist
Advice for the beginning romance writer.
Romance stories, author interviews, historical romance.
The Literary Times
Bookstore, News, Reviews, Articles, etc.
Access Romance
Where Readers and Authors connect.
Happily Ever After
Website for romance writers and readers.
Cinderella Romance Novels
Read about the success of the romance novel industry.
Houston Bay Area Chapter
Romance Writers of America.

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