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Write On!
December, 2012

Write On!

What Is With This E-book Thing?
Write OnAfter you write it, you need to get it out there so people can read it. But you want to be paid for it. How about an e-book?
By Ken Robinson

Write On!

A Tale Of Two Lives
Write OnWhatever you must do to makes ends meet, pay the rent, and keep the family happy, use it to work for you in your writing. Integrating the necessary into your dream life is a skill that every writer needs to have.
By Ken Robinson

Write On!

A Place To Enhance Your Process
Write OnSometimes you have to write wherever you are, but having a dedicated space can be a real boon to your writing practice. Support your habit.
By Ken Robinson

Write On!

Freelancing For Free
Write OnBe prudent in your choice of assignment, and keep the long-term payoffs in mind. Writing for free can yield dividends in the future.
By Ken Robinson

Write On!

Writer IN Charge
Write OnA producer wouldn't dream of leaving the success of a film in the hands of anyone else.
By Ken Robinson

Write On!

Colour Your World
Write OnAs they say, the devil is in the details, and same goes for writing, it doesn't really matter what type of writing, they should become a matter of efficiency.
By Ken Robinson

Write On!

Patience Power
Write OnPatience is a virtue, and one reason to be patient is to relieve some stress in your life ó if you can accomplish this you will enjoy life much more and live longer while enjoying it. Thatís a win-win!
By Ken Robinson

Write On!

Hollywood Low
Write OnIn the entertainment industry that you endeavour to be a part of, not everyone, and actually a very small fraction of people, will enjoy or understand your work.
By Ken Robinson

Write On!

What If You Just Wish?
Write OnYour writing dreams can come true. Want to know how? Wishing; uh, no. Wanting; maybe. Trying; donít think so. ďI tried,Ē means you failed. Whatís left? Donít know? Give up?
By Ken Robinson

Write On!

Follow The Bouncing Ball
Write OnYouíre not staring, youíre writing. You sure? It doesnít look like it. Having trouble getting started? Is nothing floating down to you from that ethereal realm of imagination? Hmm.
By Ken Robinson

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