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Pen IN Hand
December, 2012

Pen IN Hand

The Writers' Conference
Pen In HandConsider the benefits of attending writers' conferences. Are you ready to put yourself out there?
By Peggy Bechko

Pen IN Hand

Creating Great Titles
Pen In HandTake your titles from working to selling with these guidelines from a pro. Few of hers get changed. She must be doing something right.
By Peggy Bechko

Pen IN Hand

Listings Of Success
Pen In HandA good resolution for this year is to organize your writing track record. A running list and a simple filing system create an easy and reliable resource for future promotion.
By Peggy Bechko

Pen IN Hand

Writers' Energy
Pen In HandBelieve it or not, how you care for yourself can have a real impact on your writing. Peggy Bechko offers some very practical and energizing ideas.
By Peggy Bechko

Pen IN Hand

Flowing Like Water
Pen In HandAre you limiting yourself by ignoring the opportunities to write something else? Peggy Bechko encourages us to explore the possibilities and be a writer in the broader sense.
By Peggy Bechko

Pen IN Hand

The Darn Good Query Letter
Pen In HandFollow Peggy Bechko's guideliness to create effective query letter, and you can't go wrong.
By Peggy Bechko

Pen IN Hand

More Agent Angling
Pen In HandOkay, so you've decided it really is time for you to seek out an agent appropriate to your needs, and it's advisable to get right to the heart of it and plot a plan for the approach. First, here's a reminder as to what a literary agent does.
By Peggy Bechko

Pen IN Hand

How To Angle An Agent
Pen In HandWondering how you get an agent? How do you know he/she is reputable? How do you know he/she will/is doing a good job for you? Do you want or even need an agent? Do you have to have an agent to move your career along? Read on. 
By Peggy Bechko

Pen IN Hand

Contests For Money
Pen In HandThere are cash contests out there for writers, which help pay the bills and boost morale, and they generally offer exposure in some form. And thatís never bad.
By Peggy Bechko

Pen IN Hand

Mind Over Murder
Pen In HandGasping at the mere thought of slashing work by a third is knee-jerk ó when it comes to cutting, condensing and compacting, pretty much anything is possible.
By Peggy Bechko

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