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INside Scoop December, 2012

INside Scoop
INside Help
Rowdy's Tea MugMake your move! Using the best of our combined abilities to help you succeed in your writing career.
By Rowdy Rhodes

INside Scoop
IN Comes Out
GlobeThe new Inkwell Newswatch editor welcomes a world of new readers, and challenges them to make their mark.
By Daryl Jung

INside Scoop
INside Track
Rowdy's Tea MugWith the push of a "Publish All" button, the debut edition of Inkwell Newswatch (IN), the FWO - Intl's new online publication is born!
By Rowdy Rhodes

INside Scoop
C'mon IN
GlobeThe new Inkwell Newswatch editor rattles the bones in his own journalistic closet and states how he plans to reassemble the skeleton.
By Daryl Jung

INside Scoop
The Wonky World Of Words
FWO-Int'l honcho ignites a new concept in eZines and welcomes his new literary partner in crime.
By Rowdy Rhodes

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