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The following 12 areas require volunteers/interns. If you have skill that can assist us we would be open to negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement that would benefit both parties. To respond to these offerings please email us with the appropriate subject line below to admin@fwointl.com
NOTE: These are non-paying positions.
Database Growth (DG)

Our links database is the biggest resource that we maintain here. In order for the system to grow we require volunteers to help us with verifying and posting new sites into the system that our volunteer links researchers find.

Subject Links Volunteer
Links Research (LR)

This position requires searching the internet for writing resource sites. Once you find and accumulate a number of links you send them to us via email for our Database Growth Volunteer to use to expand our database.

Subject Links Research
Content Queries (CQ)

We publish a newsletter, Writers Site News and need previously published or unpublished articles and series dealing with all aspects of writing. A CR finds the content and arranges permissions to publish this information.

Subject Content Research
Forum Growth (FG)

Our writing forums are new to this system and we are looking for users to start topics, discussions and to build a collective of information, contests and other forum specific concepts worthy of our members interest.

Subject Forum Growth
Signature Use (SU)

We supply you with a set of banners or text ads that you use to promote our system. This requires nothing more than including an advertisement in all of your emails or on your site about our site.

Grab an ad by going to our Free Banners Page page.

Forum Manager (FM)

Each topic area of our forums needs a content overseer to "referee" member disputes and debates and handle FM. You must enjoy discussing the world of writing, have a strong sense of fairness, plus some spare time.

Subject Forum Manager
Public Relations (PR)

We have thousands of sites in our database and the PR contacts the sites, leting them know they are in our database, and asks them if they would be interested in cross promotions or some other form of mutual affiliation.

Subject PR Volunteer
Ghost Writing (GW)

Our ghost writers produce articles under our site name and usually published in Writers Site News. Content will be copyright ours, however, you receive credit for being one of our authors and have opportunities to promote your own work.

Subject Ghost Writer
Fund Raising (FR)

If you have the knack for raising funds, primarily from corporations interested in supporting writers, then this spot is for you. Most of the funds are used for site development, but we also offer a percentage back to you.

Subject Fund Raiser
School Expander (SE)

We have a few schools, like Purdue, that include our database within their recommended writing tools list. This introduces us to new writers. With thousands of schools left, we need someone to expand this area.

Subject School Expander
Course Writers (CW)

Developing 'courseware' for writers, with end results being Writing Series emailed to members, requires a need for education developers. Copyright will be ours, full credit goes to the developer. All monies go to the site.

Subject FWO Courses

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