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We could go on and on about this page, however, actions sometimes speak louder than words. So in that vein, this page provides you with the opportunity to write custom greeting cards for all occasions to send and receive by email anywhere around the world.

Who better to write a custom card than all of us writers, eh? {smile}

Please be aware that this service is operated and maintained by a third party who we believe are one of the very few who do not collect email addresses for nefarious purposes. If you are unsure, read their privacy policy below.

So without further ado, the following are the commands you have at your disposal:

Create a free Greeting Card

Pick up your free Greeting Card

Why use this system instead of someone else's?

First and foremost we do not keep, use or copy the sender or receiver email addresses [they're encrypted so no one knows but you] and second ... well ... take a look at the features and options listed on the right.

As you can see, sometimes actions do speak louder than words. Then again, sometimes it's just better to explain it all so take a look to the right.

We fully respect your privacy. If you want to know more, please read the Privacy Policy from the company that provides this service.


Gallery of over 1000 cards!
Picture search
Upload your own pictures
Add your own music files
Create a personal mailing list
Animated or regular graphics

Choose by:

Current Events And Holidays
Birthday Wishes
Funny Stuff
Special Occasions
Love and Romance
Lake Effect Cards
Cute and Cuddly Animals
Beautiful Scenery
Famous Paintings
Religious Oriented
General Greetings
Even Add Music!

Languages Supported:

Arabic, Bosanski, Chinese (cn),
Czech, Deutsch, Dansk
English, Esperanto, Español
Suomi, Français, Hindi
Hrvatski, Ido, Icelandic
Italiano, Han-Gul, Nederlands
Norsk, Português, Russian
Svenska, Turkish, Chinese (tw)

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