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We offer writing news from all over the world to keep you informed and up-to-date on events that affect your career. The following twelve categories of information should supply you with a bounty of information, however, if you are still not fulfilled then take a look at our Stories/Articles, New Poetry, New Authors, and of course, our flag ship writing publication Inkwell Newswatch (IN) Writing and Literary Ezine for Writers.

Page One

Advertising News
From Macleans to The New York Times, Glasgow Mail to The Sydney Herald, if the world of advertising is what interests you, then check out this feed.

Publishing News
Reuters, BBC, Canadian Press and much more all talk about what is happening in the world of book publishing.

Broadcasting News
Do you have an interest in the broadcasting industry? Our broadcasting news is a direct feed of up-to-date and informative information about the industry.

Page Two

Cable News
For the more technically inclined "Cable News" and "Digital Television News" should fill you in on what's happening in the world of television.

Digital TV News
For the more technically inclined, this news feed, and our "Cable News" will fill you in on the world of television.

Europe Media News
The BBC, Jerusalem Post, even the Taipai Times help cover the media industry, not only in Europe but the Middle East and Asia as well.

Page Three

Journalism News
What's going on in the world of journalism and the news that has both a positive and negative impact on our world weary journalists?

Movie News
Hollywood and all of it's news fed into your hands without having to leave your home. PLUS the international movie scene pumped up on screen.

Music News
Billboard, Sunspot, Slyck and many other well known music industry monitors provide an excellent source of information here.

Page Four

Newspaper News
What are those publishers and editors of our international newspapers up to today? Do you care?

U.K. Media News
The same as the European Media news coverage, except of course it covers what's happening in the United Kingdom.

Screenwriting News
Who's doing what, what are the trends, where are the players and how can your screenplay be involved?

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