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Our Office Location:
Freelance Writing Organization - Int'l
4 Dearbourne Avenue Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4K-1M7
Tel# (416) 466-6943
Want To See Us On A Map Of Toronto?

Our Site Location:
Our system is hosted at in Provo, Utah, USA.
Network facilities in Utah, San Jose, California, and Dallas, Texas.

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How To Send Us A Donation
Click here to access our Contribution Page. We accept all major credit cards.
Contributions are definitely needed and used solely towards the maintenance and operation of this free system. All work performed around and on this site is by non-paid volunteers. Please help us out.

If you don't happen to have, or want to use, a credit card you can make a contribution payable directly to our founder:

Brian Wilson c/o 4 Dearbourne Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4K-1M7

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Our Email Addresses

  • FWO-Int'l Site Administration:
  • FWO-Int'l Site Management:
  • FWO-Int'l Site General Support:
  • FWO-Int'l Site and eMail Advertising:
  • Inkwell Newswatch (IN) Publisher:
  • Inkwell Newswatch (IN) Advertising:
  • Inkwell Newswatch (IN) Marketing and Promotions:
  • Inkwell Newswatch (IN) Submissions:
Note: Before sending a submission read our submissions' guidelines.

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Instructions To Link Owners

If You Are Listed In Our Database:

To increase your ranking in our database you can drive traffic to our system by using our database referral commands. Please read the Database About Page. You will then have to log in, find your link and set up your referral code.

To have your link removed from our site, please send an email to Rowdy Rhodes with the subject line "Remove My Link" and we will comply as soon as humanly possible. Just let us know the name of the link, what category it is in and the link number.

To have your link modified tell us about it by sending an email.

To link to our main site please use our free banners and text ads.

If you are not listed in our database and want to be there is no charge but you must be logged in to do so. Just add your site by going here. Follow the online instructions for posting a new site.

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Your Membership Agreement [Terms of Service]
In case you didn't read our Membership and Privacy Policy when you signed up to our system, or you have forgotten what we stated, the following will help clarify how we handle your personal information. This is our summary TOS. If you want to read the whole enchilada then go to our Sign Up Page.

In a nut-shell:

  • We respect your privacy and we will not sell, rent or knowingly make available our membership email list or your personal address to anyone without your prior consent and knowledge, unless subpoenaed.
  • We will use our list only for sending Freelance Writing Organization - Int'l materials, however, we do reserve the right to occasionally include authorized, third party mailings through our list control department.
  • You agree that you can cancel your membership and list participation at any time by following the instructions in any of our emails or by clicking here and following the instructions at the bottom of the page.
  • We do not guarantee any of the writing resources contained within this system.

You now know pretty much everything that we know, so enjoy the resources.
Better yet, Good Luck In All Of Your Writing Projects!

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