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The Freelance Writing Organization - Int'l, is the brainchild of Brian Wilson, writer, author and business entrepreneur, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

About: A free site that hosts thousands of writing resource links in an online database, creators of the first tool bar for writers "Instant Writing Resources", publishers of Writers Site News, this system offers funds for writers, education, daily news, submission calls, research library, blog showcase, publishers guides, co-op writing projects, forums and more ... just to name a few of the free writing resources and writing links here.

Mission: The intention of this site is best put forth as a 'contribution to the creative spirit'. Our mission statement is quite simple; "To build the world's largest, free, online writing resource links database system available on the Internet."

In 1999, As a hobby, Brian put together and made available his own writing links [approximately 200], on individual web pages, sorted by writing category, for any writers interested in exploring the "site". Well, there turned out to be a lot of interest. Soon it became apparent that a more structured system of writing resources delivery was required. Brian didn't have the time, nor the inclination, so the site almost died before it was truly born.

In 2000, Sunday February 13th, the registration for www.fwointl.com was created and the Freelance Writing Organization - Int'l became an official web site. The infant site though itself now recognized as a domain was nothing more than a collection of HTML pages with web site names and links to writing resources. It wasn't until a year later that the site truly began to take form and direction.

In 2001, May 21st, a professional database system to handle the growing resources was installed and has continued to grow, primarily through the efforts of Rowdy Rhodes, our Site Manager, on a voluntary daily basis. Even then though, the site was more a collection of personal writing links site rather than a general world wide writing resource. A massive amount of data collection would be required to accomplish that goal. See Rowdy's full background and profile at LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/rowdyrhodes

In 2002, May, one year later, there was an overhaul of the system and the installation of third party applications which allowed for the writing resource links database itself to be built and placed online for your benefit. Thousands of dollars and human hours have been invested to set up this, and other software, in anticipation of future membership expansion, site growth and unknown users' needs. By now the site was truly starting to become a recognized and required resource for many writers.

Fall of 2002, volunteer columnists were recruited to offer detailed writing advice through articles in our two ezines; FREEdom Newsletter and Newswatch Newsletter. There was also the installation of a mailing list management system to ensure your privacy and to retrieve membership information that was, at the time, in third party hands. And, of course, the writing links database continued to slowly grow, surpassing 1,200 free writing resource links.

In 2003, May, after a second system overhaul, there was a site re-organization to streamline the diverse grouping of free information that had been collected in the previous years, with additional services made available such as our Research Library.

In 2004, the previous resource database was replaced with an even more sophisticated system, as well, a full publishing system was installed to combine our two online ezines into one publication, Inkwell Newswatch (IN). To operate this newly established writing publication Editor Daryl Jung, previously of NOW Magazine in Toronto, was brought aboard. At the same time the resource database increased to 2,600 free writing resource links.

2005, Inkwell Newswatch (IN) Writing and Literary Ezine for Writers, the flag ship publication of our web site is born. The best literary and online writers' resource ezine, bar none. It provides articles on how-to write, tips and tricks on writing fiction, non-fiction, journalism, screenplays, plays, comedy, internet, TV, radio, poetry and more. All forms of writing information available, plus artist profiles, interviews, features and professional writing resources and writing links for editors, journalists and writers of all mediums.

2005, also marked another complete overhaul of the system to include such new items as the Download Centre, the Blog Showcase, IN Syndication Feeds, upgrades to our database software and further expansion of our online resources and links. Plus, we received a Top 101 Writers Digest recognition, a #1 Rating for Writing Resource Site by the Writer, and a Top 101 Book Marketing Web Site recognition -- 2005 was a very busy year!

2006, there were many changes around the site: our database of resources expanded to 4,000 writing links, Daryl Jung stepped down from Inkwell Newswatch IN Editor's position, a 3 month IN publishing hiatus was implemented so that the publication could be properly re-built and re-launched in October, new editing and proofreading services were offered to all writers, plus new advertising services were launched.

2006, with Daryl Jung stepping down this opened up the IN Editor's position, and we brought aboard Julie A. Pierce to fill that spot. Julie is a lover of languages and a fan of the arts. Romantic at heart but realistic in effect, she holds degrees in Literature and Philosophy. Her professional career has lead her to work for the likes of Oracle Corporation and Cisco Systems, Inc. as well as freelancing as a developmental editor and writer on varied projects in more creative realms.

2007 was a great year for both the main site and our online publication, with much growth and development. With Julie Pierce at the helm of Inkwell Newswatch and Rowdy Rhodes continuing his unfettered search for more helpful information for our members, the site once again, was chosen as a Top 101 Site through nominations at Writers Digest, as well as an expansion of incoming links to our system from our colleagues and peers.

2008 delivered both personal good news and bad for our two main management people here. The good news was that Julie Pierce is to become a first time Mother, the bad news is that Rowdy Rhodes lost his Mom after a 2 1/2 year battle with cancer. Rowdy was the primary care giver, the outcome being that for both Julie and Rowdy, quite understandably, this site became secondary on their priority lists. Inkwell Newswatch has been archived and will be back when a suitable replacement for Julie Pierce is found or until she returns, whichever is soonest. Rowdy Rhodes still continues to occasionally find time to voluntarily work on the system, but for the moment is on a hiatus. We hope you'll understand the interruption in the regular flow around here and be patient. The site continues to grow and function, albeit at a slower pace than the past few years, but trust us, it will get exciting again soon around here!

2009 provided this site with the biggest upgrade yet to the writing resource database! The lastest software was put into place near the end of the year and will continue to provide the thousands of web site resources you've come to expect, however the system has been expanded to include live news (both writing and general) as well as a whole area that will be dedicated to free digital books on the art of writing. This expansion allows us to also provide videos about writing as well sometime in the future. The inclusion of all the additional information, such as hundreds of ebooks is expected to take up to a year in addition to the regular updates of web site resources. Enjoy! 2009 also brought in the introduction of the first ever dedicated banner exchange for writers allowing writer-to-writer promotions so that members can help one another market their wares. The Writer's Traffic Exchange can be found at the bottom of every page on this web site now.

Today, the system has settled into an ever expanding portal of important information, almost all of which is being provided free of cost, for both the beginner, intermediate and more experienced writers. Read our testimonials.

Try to remember that this site has not been created as a business and to that end the entire cost of running this operation is still primarily footed by the founder, Brian Wilson, who is hoping that others will financially contribute each year. We are still looking for a few good benefactors!

Please do what you can to support this site by making a Credit Card Contribution. Purchasing through the online store or how about buying some advertising? Every little bit that you do - in a nutshell - helps.

The Freelance Writing Organization - Int'l knows that we will create a mountain of free resources for writers from around the world to use for many years to come. An accomplishment that can only be achieved with your help. Do what you can to make this possible. Financially contribute, write 'how-tos', volunteer, purchase products and advertising. Collectively, what you see here today has been made possible with the help of many along the way. To those we offer a heartfelt Thank You.

And thank you for your interest, not only in our site, but also in where we've come from and where we hope to go. With your assistance, anything is possible here.

Best of luck in all of your writing projects,
From all of us here at the site.

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